Water Supply & Sewerage Facilities Improvement

Posted on 31 / 08 / 2016

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Water Supply & Sewerage Facilities Improvement for Bethlehem - Beit Jala - Beit Sahour Area


The Project of “Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities Improvement for Bethlehem – Beit Jala - Beit Sahour Area” is funded by Agence Française de Développement and Netherlands Representative Office, as one of the projects in support of the Palestinian Water Authority policy to improve and develop of water sector infrastructure in Palestine in general, and particularly in Bethlehem - Beit Jala - Beit Sahour Area.

Project Objectives

• Contribute to a sustainable and effective management of WSSA services.
• Strengthening the WSSA capacity building through operation of WSSA facilities.
• Reducing the leakage in water networks, which lead to increase of available water quantity for distribution.
• Rehabilitation of water networks.
• Organizing of water networks, which lead to achieve fear in water distribution for citizens.


• Water Supply and Sewerage Authority.
• Citizens in Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour, Al Doha, Al Khader, Irtas , Al Duheisha and Al Azzeh Areas .

Time Period of the project

Start Date: February 2015.
End Date: February 2017.

Technical Works

Water Networks
• Reorganization of the pressure zones for the existing water networks to improve the water distribution .
• Rehabilitation and extension of the existing water networks (58 km of new pipes).
• Construction and installation of valves,manholes, zones meter and using SCADA System to improve the operating service and to reduce the leakage.
• Transfer 1100 house connections.
• Supplying the WSSA with 3000 customer water meter.
Water Reservoirs
• Construction of Beit Sahour Reservoir 2500m^3 (including Chlorination Station).
• Constrtuction of Beit Jala Reservoir 2000m^3 (Depends on ICA permit).
• Rehabilitation of Bethlehem University, Al Mattalh, Al Doha and Al Duheisha Reservoirs (including supply and installation of Chlorination Stations).
Pumping Stations
• Rehabilitation of Pumping Stations in Al- Duheisha and Al-Doha Reservoirs.
• Contstruction and rehebilitation of pupming station in Al Mattalh Reservoir ( linked with Beit jala Reservoir ).
Sewerage Facilities
• Rehabilitation of North and South Sewage Pumping Stations.
• Provide WSSA with a maintenance and operation Jet Flushing Machine.
It should be noted that the design and the implementation for this projects related with the following factors:
• Permissions.
• Hydraulic consistency.

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